Revision History
Revision 2009:11122009-11-12PJC
Initial release.
Revision 2010:04272010-04-26SKX
Renamed the project, and updated the documentation to match.
Revision 2012:03022012-03-02PJC
Rewritten for the Squeeze release>
Revision 2012:03052012-03-05PJC
Updated release notes for the Squeeze release.
Revision 2012:04202012-04-20PJC
Added information about PostgreSQL backups, apache2 logging, and fixed the erroneous reference to exim_rewrite_scan in the release notes.
Revision 2014:11182014-11-18JFC
Updated for Wheezy release.
Revision 2015:09092016-02-29PJC
Updated for Jessie release.
Revision 2018:06212018-06-21AL
Updated for Stretch release.