Chapter 6. XMPP Reference

Table of Contents

6.1. Adjusting the XMPP configuration

XMPP is a protocol that supports both private instant messages, and group instant messages. The server also supports features such as roster management, for keeping track of contacts and showing who is and is not online. Here is a broad overview of what the symbiosis-xmpp package supports:

Symbiosis uses Prosody as its XMPP server.

To configure your domain to start using XMPP, create the file config/xmpp.

6.1. Adjusting the XMPP configuration

Domains' XMPP configuration is kept in /etc/prosody/config.d with each domain having its own snippet. Feel free to edit these snippets as you see fit, as once edited they will never get overwritten automatically.

If you do wish to restore the configuration to the default, you can run symbiosis-xmpp-configure --force --verbose.

Symbiosis uses a configuration template for the XMPP server. This is kept in /etc/symbiosis/xmpp.d/prosody.template.erb. This is the place to adjust things for all domains running on the server.

Once you’ve adjusted that to your liking, you can run symbiosis-xmpp-configure --verbose to apply your changes.